1. What is the shelf life of your almond butters, and do they need to be refrigerated?

Our nut butters are stone-ground with no added preservatives, so your Revival Food Co. jar won't outlast that jar of Jiffy that you've had in your pantry is 1989. That being said.... the fresh enzymes in the nut butter will start to break down after about a year (but I'm sure it won't last in your pantry that long anyways). The consistency is best at room temperature, and the almond butter will stay fresh due to the high oil content of the almonds and coconut oil, as well as the preservative qualities of the pink Himalayan sea salt. If the oil starts to separate (it will, if you don't touch it for about 2 weeks), then just flip it over onto the lid for a day to allow the oils to gently mix back in. Voila! 


2. Where can I buy the almond butter?

Well, that's easy! Check out our "locations" tab on the home screen for a full list of our retailers. 


2. What can I do with your almond butter?

It may sound daunting to try out something new, we get it! No judgement here. First things first-- toast! Our almond butter is amazing on toast, in an almond butter & jelly sandwich, with cheese and crackers, in thai food, and as a dip with apples, carrots, and celery! Those are just a few of our daily uses... but we have more fun recipes here! Go ahead, get crazy in the kitchen, and make up your own thing! You truly can't go wrong. Our almond butter is literally delicious with everything ;)


3. Do you wholesale?

For sure. We wholesale to restaurants and retail locations. Just contact for the details!


3. Is it organic?

To be honest, many of the ingredients are organic, but the almonds are not. Believe it or not, this is actually a very conscious decision. For one, almonds are a costly, fancy nut, and once you start buying them organic, the price nearly doubles. I don't think that you would buy an 8oz jar of almond butter for $20, would you?! Even more importantly, we source our almonds from an incredible family-owned and operated company, Alldrin Brothers, and we 100% support their sustainable, clean practices.


4. But what about the facility?

We make all of our products in a completely peanut-free, gluten-free, state-certified commercial wholesale kitchen. We adhere to strict sanitary guidelines, and take great care with every single jar that leaves our facility.




Still have more questions? Send them our way at!