Hey all. I know, it's been a while. But Ashley and I have been busy little bees making Revival even more amazing! 

We are excited to tell you that we just invested in a big ol' grinder that makes 5x the amount of our same, delicious, stone-ground almond butter in a fraction of the time. IT'S BLOWING OUR MINDS. It's super exciting because this means that we can expand into more stores (without going completely mad in the kitchen), which is awesome for both us and you (so that you can find us in more of your favorite places!). 

Speaking of... is there a favorite store that you've been wishing to find our almond butter or granola in? Feel free to comment below with suggestions! 

Have you ever been to The Best Chocolate In Town? It's literally the best, hand-made, heart-felt chocolate in town. And now they're using the best almond butter in town in their kitchen! You will find our Classic flavor featured in their date almond butter truffles and their honey almond butter pie! Amazing.

This Spring, we have expanded into three more Market District stores in Ohio, as well as all of the Fresh Thyme stores of Indiana. Woohoo! 

We're also working on making our Grainless Granola retail-ready, so that you don't have to get your booty out of bed on a Saturday morning to get it from the farmer's market. But, I mean, why wouldn't you want to be at the farmer's market? It's so fun!

Speaking of farmer's markets! This summer is going to be a blast, with all of our new locations...

We will be at the Carmel Farmers Market and the Broad Ripple Farmers Market every Saturday this summer (opening day is May 7th!). Every Wednesday (9:30a-1:30p), you can also find us downtown just inside the front doors of the City Market during the Original Farmers Market! Be prepared to see some new friendly faces manning our booths (we so wish we could hologram ourselves everywhere, but unfortunately that's just possible yet). 

Oh, and another HUGE AND SUPER EXCITING thing...

At the Carmel Farmers Market we will have a.... TOAST BAR!!! You've heard us rant on and post too many photos about how obsessed we are with toast. Now we can share our favorite toast recipes with you at the market, using locally-sourced ingredients! Keep watch on our instagram feed (@revivalfoodco) for sneak peeks of what delicious toasts we will be offering. Wee!

Also, if you haven't seen or tried it yet, you must check out our new Spring flavor... Coffee Date! It's an amazing fusion of our Classic almond butter with Tinker Coffee Co's Conduit Blend and freshly ground cardamom spice. So good. And we just posted a yummy Buzzing Green Smoothie recipe using it! 

I think that's about it for updates. Thank all so much for your love and support through all of our growth and changes! Be sure to tell all of your friends and family members (the ones you like) about us! Don't forget that we will ship to you if you can't come to us! We love you so much.