canvas of grace

The process of beginning something new is never easy. But the process of beginning something new that happens to be a business is really not easy. I've never been here before-- I've never even been near it. This is uncharted territory. And can I be brutally honest for second? I'm afraid. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved a good mysterious adventure. Pack me in a car with a sleeping bag and tent, with no direction whatsoever, and I'm perfectly content. But set me on the track to starting up a business that pretty much displays me to the masses? Ah! 

I've been soul-searching while reading this amazing book called, "Making Things Happen" by Lara Casey. I'm catching on to the truth that my fear is rooted in both failure and success. What if I fail and everyone watches with sad eyes and says "I told you so"? What if I succeed and I suddenly don't have time for my family, yoga, or vacations? But most of all, my fear is rooted in selfishness. I've made it about me. I've been thinking of this endeavor all wrong. It didn't start by being all about me, but it's grown into that. And when it's all about me, it becomes uncomfortable, too personal, and simply out of place. 

When I first began "Pure & Good", it started out as a blog. I had felt humbled by the Lord, my desire for Him alone as I began the post-college journey of the unknown and not-yet. As I read through the beautiful Scriptures of the Bible, I would think about how I didn't know what would become of me, what sort of job I would end up with, who (or if) I would marry one day... but I knew one thing: that I wanted to serve and love the Lord with all of my heart, soul, strength, and mind (Luke 10:27). I wanted to be a pure and good woman in the light of the grace that Jesus had given me. 

I haven't lost that desire even a little bit, but I have allowed myself to get caught up in the stress, anxiety, and fear of starting up something so unknown that I guess let it slip from the front of my mind. I shifted the focus on me instead of Him, as this new adventure has been getting under way. And now I'm shifting it back. The only reason any of this is even possible is because of God's grace on my life, opening up this door of opportunity so that I can glorify His Name in it. 

I pray that Pure & Good Foods would become a canvas of His Grace. That it would display the Lord as Pure, Good, and Holy. Yes, I know, it's just food. But it's not just food! It's food that is made up of pure and good ingredients (foods that He made... nothing artificial!), created with love in the kitchen, and then packaged with you in mind. It's about the amazing people I have the opportunity to interact with on a daily basis. It's about sourcing from farms and communities that are also working with pure & good standards. It's about giving a portion of my profit to social efforts I believe in, to those that are also magnifying the name of Jesus. It's about people, communities, Jesus, and health, but it's certainly not about me. It can't be about me. 

So here's to new beginnings. Again. But this time the focus is where ought to be. 

All the best,


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