I've been thinking. About where I've been, who I've met, where life has taken me so far. I never would have thought that I would be here. I never in a million years would have guessed that I would be the owner of a food company, married to this hunk of a guy, living in downtown Indianapolis, with the coolest jack russell dog. 

I've traveled across the world, kayaked a few lakes and rivers, sky-dived over the Great Barrier Reef, bungy-jumped in New Zealand, backpacked in Germany, grew up among cornfields, ran through raspberry farms in Washington, cycled the hills of southern Indiana, danced in many beautiful studios, and did yoga on a cliff in in Kentucky. 

But nothing could prepare me for this adventure. Totally unexpected, and absolutely the best. Don't get me wrong-- those other adventures have been truly wonderful, and at the time I felt that they were epic. 

What I've come to realize though, is that it's a choice to be fully alive in your current "adventure", even if it doesn't seem quite as epic as hiking the Appalachian Trail or swimming in crystal clear Hawaiian lagoons. It could be taking the dog for a walk on the same route you go on every day, or making your husband breakfast in the morning. It could be as simple as sipping tea on your porch, listening to cicadas. And it's epic, because your life is significant, and where God has you is significant. 

One specific memory comes to mind when I think of the word "epic". I was in Wollongong, Australia on a study abroad semester during my junior year of college at IU. Wollongong is on the eastern seaside of Australia, and it has magnificent beaches. One evening, I rode my bike to the beach, as I often did while I was there, and was strolling barefoot near the water. I felt empty. I felt like I had come across the world to experience something epic and wound up still feeling relatively normal and uninteresting. I was still doing schoolwork, drinking coffee, riding my bike, hanging out with friends, etc. I could have done those things on the campus of IU and saved myself the trouble of flying 24 hours in a plane for nothing. I started crying tears of loneliness and tears of shame for the pride I had locked up in the "great adventure" of flying off to Australia for five months. And then somewhere between the tears a prayer came through. One of those prayers that isn't said with words, but is said by the Holy Spirit with groanings too deep for words (Romans 8:26). And then this word came to the front of my mind-- "EPIC". I don't know why, but I started writing it in huge, bold letters in the sand. I stood back and watched for a few minutes, maybe thirty, as the rolling waves came and slowly erased my temporary engravings in the sand. God spoke to my heart then, telling me that what I was experiencing was epic, and not because it was some great, mighty adventure like those that I've seen in movies and read about in books, but because it was brought into being by Him, the Creator. He is Epic. I am created by Him and I have given my life to serve Him, therefore what I am doing is Epic. 

I haven't thought about that story for a long time, and I'm not quite sure why it came to mind now, but I have a feeling God is up to something here. 

I know that I am where I am right now on purpose.  This is the epic adventure that God has for me right now, and He is inviting me to experience it with Him daily. To choose to experience it, to live in it, to find joy in it, and to sometime break down and cry in it. Same goes for you, by the way. You may think that what you're doing is mundane, simple, or insignificant, but I'm telling you that it's not. It's amazing, because you're amazing, and you were created for amazing things by a truly amazing God. 

So I urge you to look back on what life has had for you and to look forward to what you hope God will bring your way. But most importantly, sit and dwell on what God has brought into your path today, in this season. Because this is where you're meant to be. This is your current, absolutely epic adventure. You can choose to experience it or not.