So, in case you haven't noticed, things have become CRAZY over here. Actually, I hope that you haven't noticed, because that means I've been doing an okay job at keeping the biz above water throughout all these changes. But, now you know, it has been crazy-- a good kind of crazy. We changed the company name (duh) and we have had a big break into the grocery industry! 

I'm experiencing one of those times where I feel like simply laying on my back in the warm grass, looking up at the vast bright sky, and saying "God, it's  you. It's all you." Because all of these opportunities and open doors are only because He has graciously appointed them to me, and I feel so incredibly blessed.

I'm going to be honest, a few weeks ago, I felt like my world was falling apart when I realized that I had to change my company name. Much to your suspicions, it was due to trademarking issues, but it wasn't because anything big and bad happened. We decided to change the name so that we could avoid any issues in the future with a few other companies that used the same words "pure" and "good". I know, it's so ridiculous that anyone can have the rights to those two beautiful words! But alas, they do. Don't worry, there's a golden lining here. 

Around the same time, our distributor gave us the incredible news that Market District (a new grocery store coming to Carmel) and Marsh (currently all over the midwest) were both on board to take our product onto their shelves. A lot of shelves. I mean, this is huge. HUGE. A really  big deal! I'd been hoping and waiting for this, but the timing was a little ridiculous. After letting myself squeal with joy and cry a few tears of fear about how I would get all of this done, I prayed and walked on forward into the unknown with confidence and a deep assurance that it would all be just fine. Wonderful, even.

So, within a week and half, a new name was born and a new branding plan along with it. I cannot take the credit for this at all, because I have been supported by such amazing friends and family members who lovingly dosed out ideas, tips, and encouraging words. And as it turns out, having to change names, labels, and branding ended up being the best thing ever. What better way to step into new territory, start moving mountains, and re-grip what I want this company to be and stand for, than a new name that represents all of those things?

Restoration to life, vigor, and strength. An awakening. The act of reviving. A renewal of old ways. Going back to the basics. This is a REVIVAL, ya'll. 

We are not just another trendy food company making sub-par products that look cool on your shelves at home. Oh no, we are so much more than that. Here's why:

  1. Our almond butter is seriously delicious. If you've tried it, then you know, nothing-- and I mean NOTHING-- comes close. I've been eating this stuff for 2 years straight now, and I'm still not sick of it. Honestly. It's that good. Each small batch of our almond butter is stone ground. Um, how is that possible, you ask? Well, we have these lovely granite stone grinders that slowly ground down the almonds over the course of an hour, so the almond butter never heats up (which would cause it to lose nutrients) and gives it an delightful gritty yet smooth texture.
  2. The ingredients are incredible. We buy all of our ingredients from socially, environmentally, and humanly conscious companies who hold the same high standards that we carry. Everything is either organic, local, or sourced from a family that's doing it all the right ways. 

  3. Number three, we give back. We have recently committed to the 1% for the Planet initiative, which is really amazing. We also have a long list of non-profits and ministries that we are planning to give a portion of our profits to on a seasonal basis. So, when you buy our products it represents more than just putting food on your table. You're putting food on a family's table that wouldn't otherwise have the means to do so. You're helping to restore the environment. You're committing to believe that there is still good in the world and that you want to help usher in more of it. 

  4. We really care about all of you. We only want to give you the very best, and we want to make you happy and healthy. 


All that to say, if there's one thing that I've learned through this whole process, it's that if you expect amazing things to happen, then amazing things will truly start happening. I trust in a great, mighty God who is able to do far more than I could ever dream up or imagine. He can do amazing things, and I expect that He is going to continue to do amazing things through Revival Food Co.

So I encourage you dream big, expect more, live fully, and join in with those that are doing the same. Join the Revival. We are creating a conscious culture of individuals who eat well, live well, and want to spread the good around the world, even if it starts with a seemingly simple jar of delicious almond butter


Thank you for all of your love and support you guys, seriously, you're amazing. 


Rachel Klein