Our first trade show!! Expo East // The Debrief

Well, that was CRAZY. Seriously, felt like a total crazy-person in the days leading up to our very first trade show, Natural Products Expo East, but it was worth every minute. While at Expo, we were able to debut our brand new packaging (!!!), our just-launched flavor (heyyyy, Balance Blend!), and meet with the most incredible buyers and influencers from all over the nation. All for three glorious, exhausting days. Woo!

We had incredible feedback from virtually every person who stepped in front of our booth— they loved the unique flavor-profiles we have created and they loved the brand as a whole. That was so encouraging! I went into this trade show with a very open mind— to be quite honest, since I found out that I’m pregnant with our THIRD child (that’ll be 3 under 4…), I’ve been wrestling with what exactly to do with Revival. Is it worth pursuing on a nationwide level? Just grow our online sales? Sell the company? IDK! My hormones have definitely taken me on a rollercoaster of emotions and decisions, I can tell ya that much.

However, after our first 30 minutes at the booth once they opened the doors, I could feel this tidal wave of relief and encouragement wash over me. Everyone was loving it! We already had our first order placed at the show! People were coming back for more and bringing their friends and telling us that we were their favorite almond butter they’ve ever had. Cue the happy tears.

So I can’t share all the ooey gooey details, but I can tell you that we talked to some seriously big leads that could mean that we’re available in some major national retailers. Like… all. over. the. nation. WHAT!! I am so humbled and grateful that I’ve stuck with this company, even when it’s felt like the most insane decision that I could make. And I’m so grateful for all of you who have been there supporting us along the way, purchasing our almond butters online and in your local stores. Lastly, I’m so grateful for my amazing friends, Brent and Erinn, who flew halfway across the country to stand up for 12 hours a day and help my husband and I at the booth! Best sales team ever!!

So here’s to so many big, amazing things coming in the next year. Babies, retailers, oh my!