So, I'm going to go out on a limb here and just say it's been a pretty crazy past 2 weeks! I'm feeling more encouraged than ever about Pure & Good Foods, and opportunities have been abounding in a way that only God can do. In case you haven't been following our flow via social media, here's a quick recap on the stellar things PGF has been up to! 

We are now officially in the Skinny & Co. Boutique which had its official Grand Opening last week, where we spooned out heaps of samples to the happy and healthy people of Broad Ripple! Did you know that Skinny & Co. makes the only truly raw coconut oil on the market? And that it's a locally owned and operated company in Indy? AND that it is in every single jar of PGF nut butter and granola?! It's amazing, you're amazing, and therefore, we only want to put amazing things in our products that will make your body happy. Got that? Good. 

PGF was also invited to be a featured business at Yelp's 10-Minute Talks, hosted by Wildwood Market and, of course, Yelp. It was a wonderful experience to be able to meet other local companies that are doing their thang and rocking it. It was also a pleasure to be able to stand up in front of about 60 Yelp Elites and tell them about PGF-- about getting to where I am, about the products themselves, and about the big things on the horizon for the business! I went home with so much local swag, a big happy heart, and brewing ideas for collaborations (get it... brewing?! hehe). Thanks, YelpIndy!! 

And last but not least, we were back at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market again this Saturday, and it was a doooozy! To all ya'll that made it out, you're a rockstar. That wind was brutal and it wasn't even warm. But I got a killer arm workout from holding down my tent all day so that it didn't flip over my car and shatter every glass jar in my possession. SO that was a plus. But I really am thankful for all of your loyal support! It's such a joy for me to see repeat customers coming by and telling me how they like to enjoy my product, and that they can't get enough of it. Makes my heart melt!! Sidenote: for the record, if you bring me your empty (and clean) jars (with the gold lid) I will give you 15% off of your next order! Woohoo for recycling! 

Okay, so enough with updating you with what has already happened. What about what's coming up?! 

So you know Nicey Treat? The amazing local popsicle joint in Broad Ripple? They have an almond butter popsicle that will now be loaded with Simply Almond. Which is pretty rad if you ask me. Try it dipped in Dark Chocolate, and experience your world changing before your eyes. 

I'm also pumped for the ladies over at Grit & Virtue, who are launching their biz tomorrow. Grit & Virtue's mission is to equip entrepreneurial women to build unstoppable momentum, become spiritually confident, and to never feel alone on the journey. Right, so obviously I love them. #gritandvirtue #girlboss

What I really want to share with ya'll, I can't really say yet because it's still not finalized on paper. But, I can tell you that basically, PGF is about to grow new branches and extend it's reach further than downtown Indy. Perhaps much further than Indy! Considering I began all of this in December, I find it pretty insane and exciting that this is happening already! 

And on that note, we're hiring. I'm hiring. Because there's not really a "we" yet. If you're local in Indy, and looking for a part-time gig that will turn into a full-time gig, hit me up via email! I need someone with experience in the kitchen who is open and eager to learning the grinding and packaging process. Also, if you are super passionate about numbers and/or social media and want to help me organize that end of things, I'd love to chat with you about that too. 

As always, thanks for all of the incredible lovin. You all rock. 

Now go outside and play, eat some ice cream covered in almond butter, and do a handstand. Or whatever it is that makes you happy. 


xo, Rachel