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I don't know about you, but I feel like I've exhausted all of my excuses for why I can't do what I want with my life, my days, my mornings, and my evenings. It seems like it's all too easy to point my finger at something else being the reason why I'm unable to get my to-do list crossed off for the day or why I've stayed complacent with my goals.

So this year, things are different. I won't allow it to be the same. It's uncomfortable to change my rhythms and to build new habits, but GOOD LORD it feels amazing! I've honestly never felt as energized as I have this month (add being 5 months pregnant on top of that!).

On New Years weekend, David (husband) and I spent every day and night working on our goals and setting intentions for 2018. We created vision boards, wrote out endless lists of possibilities, hammered down specific goals for life and business, and then created structure on how we would hold ourselves and each other accountable. 

If you know me at all, you know that doing something like that is totally something I would do because it's just fun and exciting. However, if you REALLY know me, then you know I would do all of those things, get pumped about them for a week, and then forget about them all together and go back to my normal while complaining about having no real direction in my life. Okay, but you guys. I've been consistent ALL MONTH with these things, and I really don't want to stop. I want more. I've seen incredible results in my personal life and business already!! 

So, if you're interested in learning more about what went down that weekend and how I've structured my month (and year) so that I can tangibly reach these goals, feel free to comment below or message me on Insta (@revivalfoodco). I'm going to host a FREE night of goal-setting, vision-board-making, wine-drinking, etc on Monday, February 5th... and if you're a lady in the Indy area, I want you to come! You don't have to be an entrepreneur, you just have to be ready for getting more out of your life and ready to share that journey with others who can support you through it. 

Head over to the Events page for some more info! RSVP to or 812-345-4317 :) 

Okay, now don't worry, I'm not going to leave you hanging here without a few great tips on how to get your life together. Throughout this process, I have found some amazing resources that I want to share with you! 

  • Buy a journal that inspires you! This year, I've chosen to use the Pace & Pattern planner to organize my habits, rhythms, and projects in one simple space (not to mention planning out my months and weeks!). Bonus points to this product because it's LOCAL! Gotta love those Indy boss babes!
  • To get your inspiration really raging, I encourage you to check out a few YouTube videos from Lavendaire-- they're quick, full of practical tips, and very clear.
  • Get yourself a beautiful journal. I'm obsessed with (dotted) Karst Paper, because it's made out of stones (not trees!), has really soft pages (is that weird?), and is very neutral and simple (which is what I need in my life). 

That's it for now. Hope you can come to The Reset Workshop next week, but if you can't, I'll be sharing more of my practical tips over here after it finishes!