one day at a time

Every day is another small accomplishment toward the beginnings of Pure & Good Foods. I can't believe that it's really happening! But, of course, I also can believe it because I've been working so hard to see this happen. I'm a a gal who has always been FULL of crazy ideas. I've always been a dreamer, just ask anyone in my family. One day I'm going to start a coffeeshop, the next day a yoga studio, the next day I'm going to be a professional dancer... I can't even remember all of the ambitions that I have journaled and dreamed about over the years. 

But this one. Well, this just sort of happened to me. I have always loved making food, but I wasn't necessarily that good at it. My love for figuring out how to make food that actually tastes good has often come out of procrastination from something else (ahem, schoolwork). It started senior year of high school when we had nearly two weeks of on-and-off snow days-- I just started a baking spree and found how much I loved learning to make things from scratch. I'm going to be honest, I used to think that brownies could only be made from a box. Don't judge! Once I discovered the beauty of making things from scratch using my mother's tried-and-true cookbooks, I decided it was time to leave the cookbooks behind and create my own work. 

Well, that was a bad idea, as my college roommates can attest to. I got on a huge health kick during my sophomore year in college at Indiana University, as I learned more about health, fitness, and nutrition through my Kinesiology degree. I made food that simply didn't look like food. I made this infamous carrot cake one day and announced to my friends, "It's so healthy!", as they all stared at my low-fat cream cheese covered brick of zucchini, pineapple, and other disasterous ingredients. Needless to say, that was a turning point for me to bring it back to the basics of baking, with good ol' butter, sugar, flour and all things yummy and fattening. I needed to learn how to make things that tasted good, from scratch, before I could venture out with my creativity. 

Come graduating from college, I had developed a habit of baking and creating foods that my roommates loved (and hated) me for, because they were yummy and mildly healthy, and nobody could stop eating it. I gained a few healthy pounds during that time. I think we all did. 

When I moved back to my parents' house (like all proud graduates must do at some point.. usually), I had to change my baking game-plan because my father is gluten-intolerant, a serious triathlete, and pursuing all sorts of crazy diets, paleo being one of those. But I've always loved a good challenge.

Thus began my true love. Creating energy-producing, gluten-free, mostly-paleo, all-natural, made-from-scratch foods. With my parents as my test-subjects, I could always count on their honesty. I have created fantastic pie crusts, pizza crusts, cookies, pies, cakes, smoothies, and nut & seed butters that are all of those aforementioned things, but also taste good! Imagine that.

At my wedding, in May 2014, I decided to share some of my kitchen lovin' with our guests by giving them each a small glass jar of my Daddy's favorite creamy almond butter that I used to make for our home weekly. With many encouraging words that followed the wedding day, I finally decided to just go for it, and share some of my kitchen love with the world, starting with the nut & seed butters that created the first spark.


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