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For me, the changing of seasons always seems to usher me forward into a new season personally and professionally. As a midwesterner to the core, fall has, and always will be, my absolute FAVORITE season. And not because of those #pumpkinspiceeverything instagram posts. It's the smell of the chilly breeze on a sunny day, the crunching of red and orange leaves while I'm out on a walk with my son, stuffing my cold fingertips into my husband's back pockets as we hug at the famers market, hot ginger tea on the porch at night. 

But like I said, the change in the air does more than simply make me feel cozy... it disorients me and reorients me at the same time. I've spent this summer trying to get my boss lady act together by building up the Revival team with incredible ladies that represent the brand with their whole lives, delegating jobs that I simply don't have the expertise to be doing, and learning how to be a more responsible and organized business owner. All of this while trying to figure out how to be a good mother to my amazing little boy, who just turned one last month (HOW?!). I can tell you this much... none of it is getting easier. But instead of allowing myself to function out of a reactionary place as a business woman, mother, and wife, I'm learning to give myself the space to OWN my roles and create systems for them. 

If you know me at all, you would know that I am NOT an A-type personality. I don't color-code my underwear drawer, I rarely put my phone in the same place twice in my house, and I am usually the one texting you back saying "Oh I am so sorry I forgot to text you back, but...!". However. That doesn't mean that a girl can't make some positive, responsible changes in her life to create more structure, space, freedom, and joy. 

How does the changing of seasons effect you? Does it light you up or make you want to hide away with a book and your headphones? I hope that this season you take a moment to observe your reaction to the changing of seasons, and that you can choose to make an intentional decision for how you would like to move forward. 

One of my intentional decisions this go around is to set some specific goals for myself as I strategize and organize my business and home life. Once I can get a handle on those, I promise I'll share! If you have some tips or insight into embracing new seasons, please share in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!