This has been a crazy sort of year. I've truly struggled, and I've also been truly joyful. I've had some personal battles with what it looks like to be a business owner, and I've been so confused about how to grow well, how to lead well, and how to build a brand that is authentic. If you've been following us on social media, then I'm sure you've witnessed the many changes that we've experienced this year (I'm pretty sure we've had about eight different styles of packaging).

It's so difficult to stay the course when roadblocks continue to present themselves. But that's what it's about isn't it? If you're pursuing anything with earnest, then there will be, without a doubt, hardships that come your way. You want to be the best mother, a faithful wife, a good employee, a loving daughter, an effective disciple, a successful business owner, a devout Christ-follower, a wise friend, a healthy human, a good-standing student.... (you get the point), and there will always be struggles and deviations that throw themselves in your path. 

We can get caught up in striving to be the very best in these things, always scraping for a handhold as we edge our way to the top. You know what that creates though? Envy and discontentment, which are the bitter fruits of comparison. And when you start working out of that kind of negative space, there is a lack of purity and inherent light in what you are doing. Your parenting is stained, your business is struggling, your prayers hit a brick wall, and your relationships hit a stand-still. 

At the start of Revival Food Co, I felt the blood-soaked fingers of the world urging me to strive and elbow out everything in my way to become the best at whatever cost. But oh, that did not feel good. It created a sick feeling in my stomach. This can't be what it's about, I thought. I made an ultimatum to myself, that either I would approach this business with a sense of purity and goodness, or I wouldn't allow myself to do it at all. Without realizing it until now, STEADFAST became my mantra and my rhythm. 


stead·fast adj-- resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering; devoted; true; committed; constant; faithful


This is such a different approach to creating amazing things. With this approach, I'm heading toward my goal with a sense of patience, longevity, quality over quantity, and taking in my surroundings with a full breath. I have to remind myself that this is my approach all the time, by the way, because those fingers of comparison creep in when I least expect it. This is why continuous prayer over your pursuits is vital. It's powerful to constantly remember to humble yourself before the Lord, with your hands full of what He's given you to steward, and laying those things at His feet. 

Good things take time. 

The New Year is coming up in just two days, and everyone is hustling to make new resolutions. The year of getting skinny, the year of living life to the fullest, the year of traveling more, getting organized, spending less, etcetera. And I'm making a different kind of resolution for myself this year-- to remain steadfast. To not waver in extremes, but to evaluate where I am and where I've  been heading. Is it good? What are the fruits of it? Does it require redirection? The Word of God says, to "commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established" (Proverbs 16:3), so I will practice doing so much more of that this year, with an earnest, open, honest heart and mind.  

This is my personal resolution for 2016, and the resolution that I am setting for the company. We are expecting amazing things out of a steadfast hike toward unknown territories. What's your resolution for this year?