Phew. What a crazy summer that was! I mean seriously, who would've guessed it? I remember the days when summer stood for lounging at the pool and riding my bike around town for hours on a weekday, just because I had the time to do it. Oh yeah, that was just last year. Don't judge... I was a newlywed without a job in a new city! You would have done the same thing. Anyways, this summer was terrific but so different than anything else I have ever experienced. 

Number one, I have to say THANK YOU so much to all of you who are reading this, because you  are the reason this summer has rocked and this business has taken off. I'm assuming you are reading this because you must really care about me and/or what we're doing with Revival... orrr you're just really bored. In which case, I recommend doing a handstand (now) which will provide some great entertainment for yourself, and wake up your brain. To all of you still paying attention... truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

So what happened this summer anyways? I started out this summer setting up at my very first Farmers' Market (Broad Ripple), which was both terrifying and really fun. Soon after, "I" became a "we" after this great gal wearing the same necklace as me asked if she could help me out for the summer. I said "sure" and after paying her with almond butter for a while, I officially took on my first employee, and she's a rockstar. Ashley's her name. I literally don't know how I would have survived this summer without her. God knew what was coming when he sent her my way! Within a few weeks, we found out that we would be in local Marsh Supermarkets. Right after we also decided to change our company name. Cool. Wait, how many? Oh, 50?! And you need them asap? Yeah we were shocked. It was a couple thousand jars. Most of August was spent in our tiny 200 sq. ft. commercial kitchen, labeling and grinding almonds for this massive order. 

Now you can find our products in Marsh, Kroger, and (soon-to-be) Fresh Thyme, as well as all of the wonderful local grocery markets we have in Indy (Wildwood, R2GO, Good Earth, etc). We've also made our way into the backdoor of a few kitchens! Nicey Treat made an almond butter popsicle this summer that was so good. You still have time to get it. Just sayin. The Garden Table makes a divine Sweet Toast with our almond butter, local bread, and local produce. Public Greens has been featuring our almond butter on their weekly toast option and in some specialty treats. And there's more coming on the horizon! You'll just have to stay posted ;) We also had the amazing opportunity to attend the Influence Conference this month, which connected us with so many incredible women in business. It was so encouraging, so full of wisdom, and inspired us to think out of the box and get more organized. 

So I'm just blown away. Totally amazed by what has taken place this summer. I never would have guessed that my fun little wedding favors would turn into a blooming business. So now, it's time to take some deep breaths after all of the craziness that just ensued over the past few months. We're going to dream bigger and tuck in some frayed edges. We're going to get even more creative and pour into some beautiful partnerships (which we can't wait to share with you!).

We're expecting even more amazing things to keep happening around here as we step into a new physical and metaphorical season. Fall is my absolute favorite season (and no, it's not just because of the pumpkin-spiced lattes). It's because Fall has always had a habit of messing up my system. Or, helping me create a system that wasn't there before. It's a season of daydreaming during hikes in the woods, wearing vibrant yet warm colors in multiple layers, it's quiet cool mornings with warm cups of tea, it's changing leaves and changing temperatures. Talk about a revival! Keep walking with us, friends, as we discover more about our mission, our products, and where we're heading. Also, that being said, if you have any suggestions or questions, always know that you are more than welcome to send those our way





P.S... Remember about how I just mentioned that pumpkin-spice latte? Well, we made a small batch of PUMPKIN SPICE ALMOND BUTTER for the Farmers' Market this weekend!! Woop woop! SEE YOU THERE.