Does anybody else remember that super annoying song from our childhood called "Yeah Toast"? For some reason my friends and I thought it was so funny. I don't understand. But now I can't get it out of my head as I think of all of the ways why toast is so amazing!

Anyways... if you're getting tired of the same ol' same ol' when it comes to your breakfast or afternoon snack, I wanted to give you a few quick tips on how to bring your toast up to a new level of incredible.

2018-04-11 15.15.46.jpg

1. Start with coconut oil.

Every piece of toast I make begins with spreading on a layer of extra virgin organic coconut oil, to give it a buttery, sweet taste. Goes without saying... but it's always great to add healthy fats into your diet whenever possible! I started doing this for my son to make sure he was getting enough nutrients in a day, and realized that I could use that extra boost too!

2. Use amazing almond butter!

Okay, I'm obviously biased here, but seriously... if the main topping on your toast is the nut butter, why would you skimp on it by using Jif or even a bland, boring almond butter like ahem, Jason's or something like that (I don't want to call him out by name, but you know who I mean!). Our almond butter is bursting with incredible flavors and nutrients... spread it on, baby! 

3. Top it with fruit or avocado.

Look around your kitchen and see what you've got... blueberries? Bananas? Overripe avocados? Grapes? Watermelon? Get crazy! Slice or mash your topping up in a way that makes you happy and layer on top of the almond butter. Sometimes I'll add a dash of salt to whatever it is I put on here (yes, even on watermelon!).

4. Add superfood power!

Again, see what you've got stashed away in your pantry! Goji berries, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and ground flax seeds are some of my favorite superfoods to add on my toast. Simply take a pinch of one or multiple superfoods, and sprinkle it on top of your beautiful mess. Your body will love you for it! 

5. Drizzle fo' shizzle. 

After all of that is said and done, you can make your creation extra pretty (and sweet!), by drizzling a bit of honey, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, more almond butter, Bee Free Honee (my favorite!), or whatever else strikes your fancy! 

2018-04-11 15.39.26.jpg

Ta Da!! You have the most amazing piece of toast ever. And it only took you about 6 minutes to complete. Not counting the time it takes to snap a picture for instagram. Let's be real.

Yeah, toast!