I often get asked a lot of the same questions... you want to know about nutrition facts, how long the product will last, and where else you can buy it. (Ahem, FAQs!) But the question I get asked most often is, why almond butter of all things? Am I just super passionate about almond butter? The short answer is why not and yes/no. How's that? Okay, fine, I'll tell you more... ;)

I started making almond butter during a season of experimentation with making clean, paleo foods from scratch. I have always loved a quick snack of nut butter on banana, crackers, apples, etc, and I had heard that almond butter was much better for me than peanut butter (more on that below), but the products in the store were just so bland. So I set out to make my own version that was more tasty, but still free of sugars and other disturbing additives. I ended up making some cute little jars as guest favors at my wedding ("from the kitchen of the Bride!", it read on the tag), and after encouragement from friends and family, Revival Food Company (formerly "Pure & Good Foods") was born.

The original recipe I created about three years ago remains as our Classic flavor of almond butter (and it's still my personal favorite!), but we've since added three other core flavors, as well as a few seasonal flavors along the way. 

Now why (our) almond butter, rather than any other nut butter? 

  1. No sugar! If you read the ingredients thoroughly, most other nut butters have some version of sugar added into their recipe, to make up for the low-quality nuts that they're using. If you've ever had truly sugar-free peanut butter, you'll know right away why they add sugar!
  2. Fiber! Both peanut and almond butter have similar carbohydrate counts, but the higher fiber content found in almond butter helps those carbs to process more efficiently in your body.
  3. Fats! Both peanut and almond butters have excellent sources of monounsaturated healthy fats (the good stuff). But almond butter has less saturated fat (the bad stuff). Score!
  4. Vitamin E! Did you know that almond's brown skin and flesh is packed full of antioxidant-rich Vitamin E? One ounce of almond butter gives you 37% of your daily value. Fist pump!
  5. Magnesium! One serving of almonds have about 20% of your daily value for magnesium, which increases metabolic function (converting your food to energy!). 
  6. Micronutrients! Almond butter is also full of calcium, copper, potassium, zinc, selenium, biotin, and B vitamins. That's a lot of goodness that your body will LOVE.
  7. Non-GMO! We source our almonds from a wonderful family-owned almond farm out in California, who pride themselves in clean, sustainable growing practices, including a non-GMO standard.
  8. Stone-ground! What truly sets us apart from any other nut butter is the fact that we use a granite stone-grinder to lovingly create each batch of almond butter. This means that the product is never heated (which would kill off valuable nutrients), and the almonds are basically massaged down to a dynamic texture that brings out the best flavor possible.


See, I didn't start this almond butter business because I was necessarily passionate about almond butter. It was more about starting a business that would stand for purity, integrity, community engagement, and giving back. But, as I've journeyed on, I have certainly also become passionate about almond butter too! Once you try it, you'll understand. 

If you still have any lingering questions about almond butter or why we do what we do, please feel free to comment below! Thanks for you constant love and support, friends.