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our people


About the founder, Rachel klein

Rachel has been a creator her entire life. Before landing on making almond butter into a career, she was a contemporary dancer, pilates & yoga instructor, massage therapist, and had a serious hobby of making weird and healthy foods in the kitchen. Rachel founded Revival Food Co. in 2014, after making almond butter jars for guests at her wedding. Her vision for the company-- to always use whole, superfood ingredients that are sustainably sourced, to shift the mentality around vegan food being weird, and to be a voice of encouragement and empowerment to do amazing things with this beautiful life that we've been given.


About the maker, Mollie hall

Mollie is a wife and mom of three amazing, and wild, little boys. When she's not chasing her boys around, volunteering with her church, taking care of her home, or holding the whole world together-- she's in our kitchen, making the most amazing almond butter ever! Mollie manages all of the production that happens in the Revival Kitchen, and does a pretty incredible job at it too. She's also an entrepreneur at heart-- currently in the process of exploring her skills of creating beautiful handmade jewelry out of leather, stones, and metals. 


about the coordinator, cydney Young

Cydney is an ambitious young woman, currently working full-time as a teacher in Zionsville, IN, loving on her students and inspiring them to do amazing things daily. When she's not molding young minds, she's busy coordinating schedules and supplies for all of our farmers markets and events. Need to get something done? This girl will make. it. happen!