nutrient-dense super foods, sustainably sourced almonds, and lots of handmade hustle

Revival Food Co-158.jpg

founder & Almond butter lover, Rachel klein

I have been a creator my entire life. Before landing on making almond butter into a career, I was a contemporary dancer, pilates & yoga instructor, massage therapist, and had a serious hobby of making weird and healthy foods in the kitchen.

Revival Food Co. was founded in 2014, after reviving my passion for a holistic, clean, plant-based lifestyle. I had a hard time finding products at the grocery store that were both healthy and tasty, so like any good entrepreneur, I set out to make my own. I made this amazing recipe for almond butter (which is still our Classic today!), and gave it out to guests at my wedding. I didn't expect my fun home-project to turn into a business, but I'm so grateful it did. 

Every jar is filled with nutrient-dense superfoods, sustainably sourced almonds, and lots of handmade hustle.

My vision for the company is to inspire others to eat more pure, wholesome foods on a daily basis and to encourage a holistic lifestyle that doesn't put pressure on being skinnier, stronger, or something different than who you already are-- but to honor your body and treat it well instead. Because it feels good to feel good, and that's motivation enough.