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Megan the vegan mom

We met Megan in 2018 at the Alt Summit in Palm Springs, and it was an instant connection! Megan shares our love for clean foods, healthy families, and squishy baby thighs. Megan made some incredible vegan recipes with our almond butter including Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Banana Split Bowl with Superfood-Packed Almond Butter, and Chocolate Almond Butter Bars. You need these recipes in your life! Megan posts about vegan recipes, party planning, momming, and restaurant reviews— you can follow Megan on instagram at!

Citymoms of indianapolis

What can we even say? CityMoms is a beautiful community of mothers (and some dads!) that rally behind each other and love on one another. Jeanine Bobenmoyer founded CityMoms with the intention to create a network of support that would empower mothers, and it is certainly doing just that. The mission of CityMoms looks a bit like this:

#1: To provide a social and support network for the moms of Indianapolis. You won’t find a corporate voice here. Just real ones from our real moms who run our very real world.

#2: Encouraging our moms to explore the community we live in. We love intro’ing our members to all that makes Indianapolis unique – the small businesses, the dedicated organizations, the hidden gems, the off-the-beaten-paths, the independents, the locals. All of it.

So you see why we love CityMoms and why they love us? It just makes sense. We’re so grateful for the support of CityMoms on our small business! Check out this lovely article by Megan Bohrer, about our founder’s story.