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no sugar added, superfood-packed, just enough salt, crunchy yet smooth. Oh, and it tastes seriously amazing, too. this is craft almond butter.

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who run the world? girls.

What goes into making the most amazing almond butter in the world? Well, there's a little bit of magic, but mostly it takes some major rockstar-status women to make this thing work. Meet the ladies behind the mission of RFC!



Wow, that's tasty.

All you really need to enjoy our almond butter is a spoon. Dig in! However, if you want to up your almond butter game, we have some pretty incredible recipes for you to try. Have you ever tried Coco Love in your game-day chili? Drizzling Chai Time on your baked sweet potato? 


our mission

we aim to revive your pantry by creating pure and good foods that will nourish your body from the inside out. 


find us on instagram @revivalfoodco

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