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We make the most amazing almond butter in the world. 

don't believe us? try it for yourself.

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Our people

What goes into making the most amazing almond butter in the world? Well, there's a little bit of magic, but mostly it takes some major rockstar-status women to make this thing work. Meet the ladies behind the mission of RFC!



Our almond butter

We stone-grind our almonds in small batches, which keeps the product from ever over-heating or over-processing, thus protecting and maintaining the quality of all of the precious nutrients in our almond butter. Most almond butters are processed into a hot, pasty liquid with added sugars and preservatives to make up for the damage done. We, on the other hand, take great care in choosing the most high-quality ingredients for each jar of almond butter, and preserving their integrity during the product-making process, thus taking away the need for any sugars or preservatives in our products. Expect amazing things out of your food! 


our mission

we aim to revive your pantry by creating pure and good foods that will nourish your body from the inside out.